One way to overcome

It is not possible for the illness to heal by itself overnight.

  1. Understand with whom you live in your head.
    That would be Schizophrenia.

  2. You’ll need a lot of understanding as when you start living with her.
    For instance: Auditory Hallucination–Don’t argue with voice. Don’t compromise with voice. Make time to agree and disagree with the voice instead.(“Understanding your Schizophrenia Illness: A workbook”)

  3. You’re the head of household. You make the decision. She needs to follow.
    Despite the challenge from living with Schizophrenia, you can surviving Schizophrenia.
    Remember, either you take control over her, or she takes control over you. You would not want to be a slave to your master the Schizophrenia.

Do You HONESTLY Think You Are a Slave to Your “hallucinations” (???)

Yes, I do. :cry:

Are You Slipping Away With Jokes (OR) Do You Actually Feel that Way (???) ,

Computers , Ya’know (!!!)