One way love

an aunt of mine once told me that if you love someone who doesn’t love you they will most likely feel molested by your love.

on and off this idea haunted me.

what do you think?


Maybe “smothered” would be a better word.

yea mim. this particular aunt never cared for me and i think her message was somehow nasty. she taught it to me when i was very small like 4 years old and i never forgot it.


“One way love”

welcome to the sz men club

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sirboring. you sure you want a woman in your club?


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I think molested is kinda of a strong word, unless the one in love is being creepy. I know i hold a love for some people that have no desire to love me back, but I don’t talk to them or any contact for that matter

this seems wrong in several ways for an adult to tell a child… gross misuse of authority and trust… poorly worded also…

if you love someone who doesn’t love you back this is not love… love requires both parties to share and cultivate… very poorly worded…


Most love IS one-sided. We want to cultivate a love for humanity, not just separate persons. It is best to start at home, with self-love. Just be sure you are not narcissistic. This all sounds good, but I myself am unable to practice it. It is what I am told is the best way. I DO know that most love is one-sided. We also have to know when we are BEING loved and to let the person who is loving us, LOVE us.

When someone is trying to force unwanted love on me it doesn’t feel like love. It feels like hate, especially when they are blatantly ignoring your wishes to be left alone.

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