One to Go!

So had one of those weeks. Had a game this Sunday that had to prepare the wicket for and had a lot of adverse weather ie rain. Ended up going into town everyday from monday to thursday. I usually just volunteer thurs/friday so double the time and work…anyways we ended up having to call it off for too much rain but I’m tired after a long week.

In the scheme of things we’ve only one game in a fortnight to prepare a wicket for and it’s a break of a couple of months till summer. Willl still have to mow the oval etc but that is like half a day’s work so no drama’s. Meanwhile. First year in charge of preparing the wicket and got the club through a busy summer and now almost a very busy winter season…must be doing something right.


I’m still slightly confused. I thought that there were 2 wickets. What do you have to do to “prepare a wicket”?

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The wicket is also the pitch…or strip that the wickets are on! haha. Typical english doublespeak. Preparing turf wickets is really an art and we have the block…which has 3 strips on it…basically the wicket you play the game on! The wickets are also the wooden stakes with bails on them integral to the game! :slight_smile:

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I think I understand. :thinking:. Thanks for the explanation!

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