One time this couple came up to me

And they asked me if they could call someone on my phone.

Not only did I agree on the phone call, I handed my phone over to them to make the call.

How worried should I be.

They gave me their bank card to hold as deposit. In case I think they’d run off with my phone.

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This happened at a train station. I was sitting at the station, and they came out the train towards me.

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Okay listen to my story! When I was early in my disorder, right around the time of my break, I was having problems with memory and direction. I got lost and ended up in a shopping center I did not recognize. My stepdad is fantastic with directions and knows all of Springfield like the back of his hand, so all I needed to do was call him. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone. I went around asking strangers if I could use their phone and I got rejected about 12 times. I even went up to a table of outdoor dining at a restaurant and they all told me at once that their batteries were dead. I just was scared and lost and wanted to go home. Finally some teenager let me call my stepdad on his phone. I kept it short but he deduced where I was and came to pick me up and I followed him back in the truck.

I really lost faith in people that day. The one time I needed someone’s help. I wonder if I look creepy or something? I was just scared. I was dressed normally as well.

Anyway it’s weird that a couple asked you, odds are one of them would have a phone, but you may have just ended up simply doing a good deed.


She had a phone but the battery was dead. I think both their batteries were dead lol can’t remember now. According to her.

You probably didn’t look creepy. I think people are just very suspicious about strangers using their phones.

Thanks for sharing your story :slight_smile:

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When I was living downtown about 4 years ago I was buying a sandwich at a fast food joint. The window was almost right on the street and I ordered and stood on the sidewalk waiting.

These four teenage girls were waiting in line and they were being a little dramatic talking about this girls boyfriend and one of them asked if they could use my phone. I wanted to be cool so I said yes. I went through a lot of drama when I was addicted to crack so I thought I could handle anything that came up in this situation.

I handed her the phone and all of sudden she got angry at the person on the phone and she started yelling and all of a sudden I realized things were out of my control. This may sound weird but in the time span of 5 seconds I was drawn into these girls world. It was totally unsettling. I realized they could run off with my phone or get angry at me or just cause some kind of trouble that teenage girls thrive on.

Man, I was just trying to get a sandwich. I’m not exaggerating but these girls could have changed my life. I mean I thought my life was traumatic enough but the whole situation brought me back to my out of control drug days and I was 55 years old and I realized I didn’t like that drama anymore. I mean all this happened in an instant but luckily the girl gave back my phone and I didn’t have to chase her or yell or anything. I mean at 55 I really couldn’t go running down the street anyways.

Anyways, I would think twice before loaning my phone to anybody now. Back then, it was just an old $125 flip phone and now my phone is an $800 iphone. I doubt I’m handing it to any stranger.

@anon66864989, did that happen to you recently?

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I’d let someone use it if they looked clean! There’s no pay phones any more it’s a pain if your phone dies. I did get my phone stolen twice! One time I got robbed at gunpoint and I had no cash and they just stole my phone. The second time some girl at a bar took advantage when I was completely drunk and asked me for my brand new blackberry bold and didn’t give it back.

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When I was deep in psychosis, I got lost in a different city and my phone died.

To make matters worse, it was pouring rain and getting dark out.

I went around to different shops asking if I could use their phone to call my mom. They all said no.

Soaking wet, I tried the next business down the street: a psychic.

The psychic answered the door, took one look at me and slammed it shut.

…You would think the psychic would have the supernatural insight to see I was in trouble and help a girl out, but alas she did not :upside_down_face:.

Eventually I got through to my mom using the phone at a gas station.

So yea, I guess the moral of the story is always have a phone charger handy and don’t rely on psychics for help.


Never hand a phone to a stranger, could be dead bank cards they have no use for

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That sounds stressful Nick.

Yea it was last summer or the summer before.

I’ve never been in such a situation except it happened again this morning (I said no), and it just brought back the memories.

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That sucks man. Don’t lend your phone anymore ://

I’m glad you got through to a phone in the end.

Yea. Thing is I was so frozen and naive to the situation they were pleading me.

I did think though, this card could just be fake

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I wouldn’t hand my phone to a stranger just in case they are trying to use my phone for a drug deal

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