One time Psychotic break

My daughter who was first diagnosed as Schz, later Bi-polar, but I can’t verify either, stopped taking her meds (she was on two psychotic and several others, including one for OCD). She has been off her meds for 5 months (so she says). She believes her break was a one time thing. It has been over a year and a half since she was diagnosed. Before that she was homeless, and in and out of jail. Now on a conservatorship and living in her own apartment. Her OCD is back full force.

How many of you on this forum have heard of someone having a one time break and off meds for life. Thanks.

If she was misdiagnosed, then it could be a one-time thing. Meaning that if she didn’t actually have a psychotic break in the sense of schizophrenia or mania, but rather had a mental breakdown due to severe stress from something else (such as the OCD). If that were the case, then she could avoid future mental breakdowns if she were able to manage her stress levels well. We also don’t know how much drugs were a factor, not only including the effects of drugs but also any possible withdrawal symptoms during addiction. And so on.

If she really does have bipolar disorder, and I am assuming type 1 with psychotic features, then there is a very high chance that she will have another episode eventually without medication.