One time in the psych ward

an 18 year old kid said to me “look im blind, see im blind”.
he went on and on about being blind while obviously not being blind.
he later showed me some music that i listen to a lot as well.
then he tells me that he wants to be a lawyer, then a cop, and then join the army. In that order.

I feel like they hired him to do that…

  1. blind but obviously not blind == how im aware of my symptoms but am always doubtful (ie, they think im faking or am illogical).
  2. the music i listen too is stupid, and so am i.
  3. i cant make up my mind about career, or define who i am.

is it possible they hired him to do this? He looked very similar to the pdoc there. maybe it was his son? what do you guys think about this?

another time a “patient” went on about how i was laughing all the way to the bank with being on disability. and said “and they can’t take it away…unless you made it all up” then sharply looks at me. why did they hire people to mess with me like this?

I never even asked for disability, they fricking put me on benefits after I told them I didnt want benefits, literally a month later somehow i had benefits coming into my account.

not fake actors.

I was in a ward and this guy started kicking down a door. he knocked down the door. They tried to give I’m a shot. He called them ■■■■■■■■. Lol.


oh i get it
usually he is fellow patient
in the hospital i saw some strange ppl
they can do that and more than that even
thanks god i am here to tell u truth :pray::pray:

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I think they were both just your average jerks and were just messing with you.

They weren’t hired.

Just consider the source, they were there for a reason.


When I was in the 2nd time I thought I was gonna rejoin the army, and all these random careers like park ranger, just delusions.

This girl said she wanted to kill her flatmate because her flatmate wanted to steal her baby. And she wasn’t even pregnant

@77nick77 thanks for giving it to me straight. I get messed with all the time. I found out I’m not stupid (was tested), but am a sucker when it comes to people. the danger of dropping out of school young isn’t missing algebra and language classes (since that stuff is rather intuitive when youre older), it’s really about how to get along with your peers and such. Most of my issues were drawn from extreme isolation. (Legit some people just walk away when talking to me)

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I made out w a bipolar chick while in there. it was pretty cool

It sounds like paranoia, they don’t hire people to troll patients in the wards, they are also sick.

When I go in most of them are fake psych patients. 90% sure…

Im sorry I didnt read the body just the title. I do hope you feel better. Sorry again

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