One thought to the next productively

when out episodes are bothering us we aren’t functioning.

the thought process can become a labirynth(sp) instead of a easy process

we focus day to day using each thought not letting one slip by unproductively, because you own and are capable and its inescspable to not ne routed with all incoming information or environmental stimuli for the 5 senses

i just realized this today, and i think its the seroquel working.

before id go off on immaterial delusions, now my brain circuits are actually organized this time

im saying each impulse is not a umconcious routine. we are the programmers coding our own minds

tasks aren’t loopy no longer, in fact multiple tasks can be completed simultaneously
(if only had 2 more arms)

the error i believe in thought or thinking for most folks with the disorder and on meds is not applying matter to mind

emphasis in using your mind
your mind is a tool
your the driver up there and so forth

just thought i’d make positivity out of boredom. no workouts today id usually be at the gym at this time and all errands i can fathom of are complete for me

its like we wait for something spontaneous to pop up in order to keep us motivated

thats the battle plan
stagnation really is a waste of time


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