One thing you feel bad if you didn't do

What are things that you didn’t do during the day that will make you feel bad at night before you go to sleep?

For me
2.complete my exercise
3.take my medication

What’s yours?

Take my Rx. Get some sort of exercise and eat 1 decent meal. Do at least 1 small task around the house.

I physically feel yucky if I don’t get up and move, work or take my meds. I have to take my meds.

I also feel bad if I don’t try to do at least one small good thing. Hold a door open for someone, say hello, try something new. I feel bad if I don’t try to challenge at least one of my symptoms in some way.

My exercising
Filling a prescription
Calling my daughter to get her up for school
Cleaning hamster cage
Take my vitamins

I feel bad if I don’t get outside and walk. I have to feel like I’ve accomplished something during the day. And cleaning the house doesn’t give me that sense.

And of course if I don’t take my meds. I can feel a difference the very next day. And it’s horrible. Tons of paranoia.

So I don’t skip meds anymore!



I have run out of hearts again… :heart: (like)

I am glad you hear of you doing better everyday.

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I learned the hard way about taking meds. I skipped my Geodon and smoked weed instead one night, it was ■■■■■■■ hell. Havent missed a dose of Geodon since then, nor have I smoked weed. Skipped my xanax one morning, came home from the gym hallucinating, then I did the whole screaming in the shower thing and now I havent missed a dose of xanax since then. I must give an honest effort in school and hit the gym three times a week (rather extreme workouts most of the time, powerlifting, but I also work arms and shoulders, which are easy and I do those during recovery from heavy squats for example) or else I cant live with myself.

If also need to sleep well or I feel pretty messed up. I sleep at least 9 hours a night. I was at a party on saturday and had to leave at 1am because of my sleep schedule. Apparently that was leaving early, people were like “are you ok?” when I said goodbye to them.

Take my meds is a big one, I use to skip and i would feel terrible for the next couple of days. Another thing i feel bad if i don’t do is take care of my animals.

Taking my meds right. It would help if I filled the pill box. That’s about all I do on a regular basis.