One theory I invented in 1999, almost 20 years ago in America

This was when I was in America. I started maintaining my intelligence notebooks in Feb 1999. I invented a new theory ‘the human relativity theory’.Basically the theory is as follows. When one human in a group starts behaving and communicating differently with some new intelligence, this human influences all other group members who then start behaving and communicating differently, and soon this group interacts with other humans and human groups and soon these are also influenced by the first group and they start behaving and communicating differently which then influences more groups and societies and the result of this human relativity theory is the disorganized chaos that can be managed by the modern chaos management theories. It is very mathematical with the influences from physics.

What do you think?


Please explain what you mean about the first group communicating with a new intelligence. Do you mean an alien intelligent life form? Or… ?

Yep but there’s law upper-bound e.g eventually extreme chaos will be persecuted

All’s I know is that chaos is surprisingly organised and has it’s own rules!

Look up strange attractors. It really is a beautiful process!

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I see what your saying. After all we are a society commanded by language and everything is built with information.

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