One Step At A Time

About to act out the final part of the play,
Pray to God I’ll rise again some other day,
Time to cut these ropes,
in hopes I will survive,
Bruised inside ready to die,
Remember the good days that I have endured,
Rest assured I’ll relieve them again,
Forgive the sins that I have committed,
My final decision is to leave a mark on this planet,
Remember me for who I was,
A rebel without a cause,
I replay each day and learn from God,
One step at a time, applaud my demise.


This was beautifully written, but are you okay? If you’re thinking about hurting yourself, please call your doctor or go to the hospital.


I’m alright thanks, just found my old rhyme book :smiley:


We learn from our demises, don’t we? Cool poem.


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