One Person's Story: Into the eye of the storm: A journey with schizophrenia

At the age of 24, Adrianne Roberts was struggling to make sense of the hallucinations and delusions she was experiencing because of her undiagnosed schizophrenia. Adrianne’s symptoms continued to escalate until her friends took her to the hospital and Adrianne was finally able to get treatment. Now, the 27 year-old woman has shared her inspiring story with the Chilliwack Times in “Into the Eye of the Storm: A Journey with Schizophrenia.”

Adrianne Roberts was one of the chosen few.

She was being monitored by satellites, selected for her uniqueness, and her watchers were able to communicate directly to her wherever she was.

At first it was entertaining, but things quickly got intense for the young Chilliwack woman.

“It would switch over from really positive thoughts like, ‘I love you. You’re special. Keep going. You’re doing well,’” Roberts says. “Then all of a sudden it would be like, ‘You’re dying. You’re gonna die. There’s no point in existing.’”

She was 24 at the time and still had not been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but was struggling to make sense of what was happening to her.

There were between 30 and 40 voices, some celebrities and some family members.
Outside of her new reality, friends and family drifted out of her life, scared by the new Adrianne.

Then one day she found herself in a friend’s backyard, smashing a window—by that point under the command of the voices in her mind.

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We should get her to post here on the forums :wink:

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It should be titled…“Into the I of the Storm”…


‘She was being monitored by satellites, selected for her uniqueness, and her watchers were able to communicate directly to her wherever she was.’

I can relate to her story, in the beginning of my psz I thought that satellites communicated to me and at the same time I thought that the house where I lived in Atlanta was spied on constantly. I had voices from world politicians and thought I was one who elected the next President.

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Hey! I decided to join!


Really - is that you Adrianne?

If it is - thanks for sharing your story.


Yes :slight_smile: and no worries. I was lucky to get such an opportunity <3

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what’s so special about her…

She’s came out as sz…something to help eliminate stigma. The more people who come out as sz and tell their stories the better. Not saying she’s more important than any of us but it’s good for the “movement”. Don’t act that way poor girl is reading this forum. If she’s like me and you she’s probably sensitive to people…so be nice.


@ttp agreed…

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Yes - it was great of Adrianne to spread the word and share her story. A very brave young woman. She’s helping everyone and educating the world.

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Adrianne, nice job.

Keep up the great work, together we’ll make this.


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Good work Adrianne