One of those nights

I sometimes can not sleep and so I write here now, maybe my sleep comes soon, many of us seem to have the same problem sometimes.


Have you asked for sleepers? See if this helps in the future…

happens to me too, last night didnt sleep till 6am

If I have not fallen asleep til 11 PM I take sleeping pills. I need to get up at 6 AM to walk the dog and get my kid ready for school without stress. I can’t be stressed or the voices get bad and I will become angry.

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I have an app called Sleep Cycle. It records my sleeping all night. In the morning I can see if I had a good or bad night. According to the app I sleep about 7 hours each night…not sleeping. I SPEND 7 hours in bed. Sometimes less sometimes more. But it’s a good tool to show pdoc how you sleep. If you just say you sleep nothing or bad, it’s so abstract.