One of those mornings

I got up this morning feeling unsettled. I had a cup of coffee and then had to go out and water the yard. I was fine but just kind of “meh” while out there.
My husband always sleeps-in on the weekends. I felt annoyed by that this morning. After about an hour and half (it takes over two hours to water the yard) he came outside and didn’t say anything at first, until I turned around and saw him… that was annoying. Then I started getting annoyed that he was watching a squirrel and drinking his coffee while I was taking care of things, as always…
I came in and got another cup of coffee and my husband is on the computer and watching sports on tv…annoying. Then he starts whistling…
As I sit here drinking my coffee, I realize the buzzing in my head is really loud. And it’s pounding to my heartbeat, and the people in the other room (audio hallucination) are loud, and the fan is loud… and I wonder if that’s why I feel so easily agitated this morning.
Anyone else have same/similar?


I got annoyed in a few times because of “a series of” petty things of things of little importance.

I have no explanation for that.

Yes, it may be one of those mornings but fortunately it is not like that every morning.

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Hi @Hedgehog =)

It is okay. If you stop expecting much, you will be much more comfortable.
I don’t know if your bf has a MI but the ‘norms’ are already like that and I have girlfriends like that.

So just do what you can, anytime. It is a good exercise for you to water the yard in the sun + get some vitamin D.
Maybe he does stuff you take for granted?

Sorry about the noises, maybe take some breaks now and then? =)

I am agitated too a lot of times, I only isolate myself or do something I really like to cheer up.

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I’ve often gotten out of the wrong side of bed. Everything irritated me yesterday in fact.


Like what you have said to mjseu, bad days won’t last. : - )

I hope you will cope well, everhopeful.