One of the elevators is broken

I’m on the tenth floor of an apartment building. My main issue is I won’t grocery shop with just one elevator running. They both are broken occasionally, and you have to use the stairs. I first saw it was broken yesterday. I just hoping they can get a repair person to fix it Monday.


That sucks, hopefully they will repair it soon.

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Thanks Aziz. 1515

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Do you have enough food until Monday?

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I’ve got enough food to eat maybe for a week or so, but it will get down to just peanut butter sandwiches. I’m just out of some things. They probably will fix the elevator Monday since the holidays are over.


I’m kind of a hoader and stock up on stuff including mostly nonperishable food.

I hope they do. Glad you have food

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I’ve been downstairs and have seen people occasionally with a load of groceries when both elevators were broken.

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