One of my voices manifested as a person in my dreams

He finally said his name Eric Bermuda. It was pretty graphic and weird. I was in the upstairs of a permutation of a house I used to live in. I had a white horse or pony kinda symbolic. Anyways started hearing the voice just laying there. It exclaimed it’s name in a painful way and it freaked me out. I turned to this horse expecting to turn evil and I struck it. The horse gave me this look like no I’m not evil. So I run down stairs. My mother was there but as soon as I could register that this guy shows up. I tried to hit him with a guitar but there were other guitars in the way. I know that doesn’t make much sense. Anyways he produced a lengthy bit of really thin hard wire. He stabbed me with it in the hand and pushed it through into my forearm. I looked at my mother and said you aren’t gonna like this. He then pulled the wire out lengthwise creating a lengthy cut all down my arm. I was like ■■■■, but it really didn’t bleed all that bad. Then he just starts stabbing me and cutting into my torso. It was a pretty ■■■■■■ up dream and woke me up. ■■■■ hearing voices end of story.

This is hard to explain… but as usual, there is always an absence of physic laws in our dream, i.e. we can fly without wings in the dream effortlessly. And there will be no morality in our dream as well.

Oh I’ve seen pretty much all my voices in my dreams. We hang out quite often, or they disguise themselves as characters.

Some of mine I didn’t have the best relationship with either at first…they seemed really evil…when I adjusted how I felt about them and changed my interactions the less scary the bad ones got. I’m pretty chill with most of them now, except the demons of course.

I just hope it doesn’t happen again it’s not often that I get murdered in my dreams. That what I envision hell to be like, a series of super realistic nightmares with demons and stuff.