One of my poems 'Movies' 'Elokuva'

I have written many poems, some in English and some in Finnish, you can try translate this with Google’s translation engine, but it does not work very well yet.


Elokuvat ovat sanansa mukaisesti kuvaamista ihmiselämästä,
elämisestä kuvausta,
missä toisten ihmisten elämä on videoitu ja tarjottu muille kulutettavaksi,
aivan kuten maito, kahvi, tupakka jne.,
tässä ihmiselämässä,
missä ihminen on vain kuluttaja,
johon muu yhteiskunta turvautuu etsiessään rahaa,
ja sitä myöten turvaa ja onnellisuutta itselleen ja lähimmäisilleen,
jotka sitten ovat itsekin vain kuluttajia omine paheineen ja hyveineen,
elokuva - tuo Hänen elämänkuvaus on muiden kuluttajien toimista ja kokemuksista,
paljon harhaa, vääryyttä ja virheellisyyttä
tuoden ihmisille kotiin muiden toimet ja heidän yhteiskunnallsen toiminnan.

How many languages do you know?

I know English, Finnish, Swedish, some Russian, and in the 1990s I had my ambition to study Spanish, German and Frech. I studied in Leningrad some Russian three weeks in 1989, in the same year I went to a business school in the U.S.A. Swedish is the second official language in Finland.

I really would like to hear this poem spoken by you mjseu, maybe you will consider youtube? Even if just audio only.

I’ve been to Sweden in 1990, but not to Finland yet.

Come and visit Finland, people are nice here and nearly everybody speaks English. I like to write things such as poems, but I am not a good presenter. This writing seems to be in our family. My father who is now at the elderly care facility wrote this Will during his military service in 1954. I have his book of 40 poems, songs and other writings from 1954/5.

The will of the Pioneer

The life to the Fatherland
The heart to a woman
The body to worms
The clothes to a rag keeper
The memories to this book
Money, if any, to a rookie who the most miserable being in the world is

I would love to visit Finland someday. I was in Sweden for work for a couple of weeks, the people were extremely nice there, made quite a few friends and accepted invites from some to come to their homes for a visit.
Unfortunately my traveling days are over because of my financial situation, but I sure have good memories of all my travels.

You have quality poems that I would love to hear more of, hopefully, you will think about making a book with those :smiley: and share.
They are too good to hide.

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I’m getting ready to learn the ropes of publishing e books. All the book stores around here are closing/have closed. E books might be the best way to go. I’m not interested in making much money, but having readers.

If you cut and paste my Finnish poem to Google’s translator, you can use a little voice option in the right bottom corner to hear this poem in Finnish. It pronounces words quite well.