One of my jobs

I worked like a maniac unloading trucks at Sears for 2 1/2 years when I was in my mid-thirties. I felt good and strong and I went all out every day. We unloaded refrigerators, tool chests, lawn mowers, washers and dryers, outdoor gas grills, ovens, water heaters etc. Heavy stuff. After being their three months I became one of the top workers and got complimented on my work at least once every two weeks by my supervisor, the salesmen, and some co-workers. In fact I was often told to slow down. I even won a "Worker of the Month"award. It was only a $20.00 gift certificate to the store but I also got my picture up on the wall above the time clock so that every employee in the store would see it every day when they punched in. A lot of the sales people loved me because they could count on me to pick up the appliances they sold off of the sales floor quickly and efficiently and load it into customers cars. I really got into lifting all that stuff, nothing was too heavy for me to attempt to lift, I had great confidence in my strength. I loved lifting heavy merchandise and I was in great shape. But now I am paying for it with a stiff and sometimes sore back.
NOW, I probably would not be able to do that job, but those were my glory days.


I have a feeling that when I get a little older… all the days of lifting bags of top soil, and trees, rolls of sod and turf and other large stuff is going to catch up with me.

I don’t like it, but I’ve been using the palate jack more often. May as well try to save my back early.

Yes, people used to warn me that I was wrecking my back, but I did not listen.

Before I got on med’s I was good at that kind of work. I hauled hay a couple of years in high school - hoisting 66 lb. bales of hay. You often had to do some heavy lifting in the army. If I wasn’t on med’s I probably still could do that kind of work.

hi,77nick77 it was a proud moment for you,you should be proud of it and remember it for one of the best part of your life,i will also try what you did and hopefully my sales will improve