One of my favorite places in America

Savannah, just a 4-hout drive from Atlanta …


made a spelling mistake, should have been, just a 4-hour drive from Atlanta.

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The only southern state I’ve been to is Florida. Sorta want to visit South Carolina one day to see some American Civil War sites.

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I loved to travel when I was young. Now, pictures help. Thank you.

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I lived near Savannah for years.

It’s a pretty place,

But parking is a ■■■■■ in those old cities.


Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I visited there once! I loved it


I’d love to live somewhere like that.

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That’s beautiful! I bet it’s hot and humid there in the summer.

I’ve always liked going to places that have history.

Thanks so much!

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I live in SC and have been to Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. It’s in Charleston harbor and it’s pretty cool, if you get a chance to see it.

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