One of my environmental triggers for moods

Stopped into visit my parents this evening.
Ended up being more of a 2 hour heated debate on anything I would bring up.
My dad sometimes likes to challenge me on almost anything I say and turns it into some heated debate.
I absolutely hate debating stuff. I took the bate and kept answering back but by the end there was so much tension in the room I had to leave.

Put me in a pretty pissed off/rage like mood. I’m sure caffeine attributed to heightening the mood.

I’m so glad I don’t live at home anymore for that reason . Both my parents tend to do that at home.

So it’s good I live on my own now. I still like my parents I just can’t stand debates.

Played piano for a bit , didn’t really help.
I’m gonna go hit the gym.
Having this forum to vent is life saver



Yeah time with the fam. Triggers of all kinds.

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Take care,hope you feel better after your workout

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good idea…


Glad you had a chance to vent it off… that sort of stuff will just keep growing if it’s not let go of…

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its good you know to avoid tension like that. I get in to that sort of stuff with my brother but I now know to leave th eroom.

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put ground rules down before you go round…
if a ’ debate ’ starts …say you are not going to join in …or walk out the room…
you then are taking control of the situation…
empowering yourself…without any confrontation.
take care :alien:

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thanks for the advice sith, i was thinking to tell them that too for next time.

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