One of my army uncles

I confronted him about something a couple years ago when I was obsessing about past lives. I asked him if he remembered working with me in Boston in a past life. I thought we were carpenters there and helped to build the city. he denied it.

we used to be on good terms, I even stayed at his house as a guest once. but ever since I let my guard down and started getting into past lives and life after death stuff he’s pretty wary of me. I’ve never been aggressive to him though, he probably just thinks it’s one of my delusions and I need to be medicated.

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one time before that we were having a discussion and he told me …“sounds like you need to join the army or go to jail.” I bit my tongue. he didn’t think I had enough respect for authority I guess.

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If you’ve been arrested over and over for the same thing it sounds like you don’t have enough respect for authority.

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well I’ve finally stopped going on my adventures. I just sit on the couch now. can’t get in trouble sitting on the couch. lol. except with mom, who is pressuring me to go to school

Why not enroll in some classes?

Most of them you can do from the couch.

It’ll appease your mom and you’ll get a degree that you can use.


i’ll think about it.

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