One neat trick that might help with avolition and hygiene

i had huge problems with basic hygiene
i wouldnt shower for two weeks on a regular basis and i had some even worse periods
completely apathetic and no will to do anything whatsoever

first the apathy thing was diminished when i ended up surrounded by great people
i think thats the reason but it could be just the meds…

however avolition and problems with hygiene stayed
and one of my friends (she have sza) told me this
i shouldnt think about the need to get a shower and i shouldnt plan to do it!
i must do what has to be done automatically just like a robot
thinking planing part between “need to shower” and “gonna shower” must be removed
those two thoughts should become one action without any thinking about that action

you might try maybe it will help you too


The right mindset seems to be key with a lot of our schizophrenia problems.


Yeah thats the trick, but sometimes my body refuse to do it…