One More Tea, Than I Shall Spring Into Action

Maybe the reality show should follow me as I do it myself :stuck_out_tongue: People would be in aww wondering why would he have “THAT” in his house, and sitting on the edge of their seat wondering where in the hell is he going to put everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course several Mr. Clean commercials throughout the show

Maybe wear a French Maid outfit just to spice up the show…


under the bed is always nice. If you can fit it.

Mines one of those beds that is motorized so it goes into different position, so no room under there

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I have one of those too! So comfortable!

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ooops Fell asleep

Your title caught my attention. I have to rake and sweep and other yardwork and I’m still inside the house…

get to it slacker, I will be in the background cheering you on :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my defense, I am doing laundry too…didn’t have to put the second load in, but now I have to wait… tea sounds awesome.
All the pine needles, and probably more, will still be there in an hour… :grimacing:

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After the tea usually come a nap, the pine needles will be taunting you in your dreams

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I successfully only did laundry today, ugn feel crappy now so much other stuff needs to be done444

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I spent 6 hours raking, trimming, sweeping, bagging, and then watering the yard… I also did two loads of laundry! Now I’m very tired and a bit stiff. (I also took a shower!) :grin: