One is lonely crys out

part of me is lonely, you would under stand, there a wall I put up to keep it in.


e(Y)e Become Lonely when tha Music Stops … ,

Honestly that’s where e(Y)e Spend my T(Y)me , Within Beautiful Singing … ,

and to me as e(Y)e Say , Freedom of tha Soul … ,

There’s a lot Out there ,

and e(Y)e Love it (!!!)


Hey, you’ve got us all here DrZen.


I have forgotten what it is like to be lonely actually.

I appear to be this all of the time but nope.

Today we talking about the seemingly infinite nature of fractals and how what they appeared to be ties into where this universe came from. Which most things do actually. And i’m ■■■■■■■ dumb, i shouldn’t be thinking about this at all.

Crazy right, if you don’t feel alone you don’t need their company anymore, huh.