One hero of ours

From my apartment I see people walking such as one blind man with his sticks. He often walks alone in the streets where I live and he manages to do things although he is blind. He is also a chairperson of some diabetes association and has attended in some Olympic games for those who have disabilities. Those who can see should really appreciate their ability to see the beauty of our surroundings, people, the nature, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars of the universe. This blind man has the light of his life still left even though he had lost his eye sight. He is one of my heroes in my little town.


That is very cool. He sounds like a very inspiring person.

Yes, he is an inspiring person and this made me to think how he could use the Internet. The solution is the voice activated Internet, maybe in the future. Would it be great, if a person wanted to find something about Lantau Island Hong Kong, he/she would just say *Yahoo, Lantau Island’ and all the information would be told to this person, the great application of the modern technology.