One hell of a year

The past year has been a dark year I’ve been suicidal most of the year I changed from risparadone to appripipazole and things kinda changed for me a Lil bit however I still suffered from depression and relapsed on drugs and alcohol after 2 & a half years of recovery … 3 months later I am hear with 4 days clean and felt better the past 4 days than I have in the hole year, anti depressants most be kicking in I started them a few weeks back … I am expierencing no symptoms at the moment and as I’ve been on medication a year I’m gonna ask to reduce my medication a Lil see how I get on … I use to write on this forum all my negativity looking for solutions and didn’t believe you lot that say you have move forward with life and we’re happy … today I might becoming one of use people and I will surely keep posting my progress as this forum was the only hope I had … bless you all and good luck on your journey of recovery


That’s a great story @imryan17 . I hope things continue to get better for you.

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