One eye hallucination

Yesterday, I saw with my left eye open, a car coming towards me really fast, it lasted for 2-3 seconds. And at the same time, I felt a big sharp nail deep in the right side of the head.
Today I saw the view from a moving train.
The other day i saw all yellow in the left eye, and then all blue in both eyes.
I called my psychiatrist, he asked for how long they lasted, he said we will meet in a few days

Could be eye floaters.

The pain in your head might be a sign of a headache.

The car is floater? The mountains etc from the moving train too? I think you’re wrong

Sounds like brain damage … Sorry about that.

Haha. Why did I share my hallucinations with you people? You say the most impossible things.
But they are just hallucinations.

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You want us to say they are magical premonitions? That otherworldly entities are messing with you?

It seems more likely that the heroic antipsychotic doses you are on are causing some damage …

Was the sharp pain in the back, top right of your head, @Om_Sadasiva ?

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