One exam at my college ☺

There was many questions including true or false
About 100 questions true or false
I was studying very well
As i am solving the question
About 70 question or even more were false
False false false i was about to get mad and get worried becoz i may solving wrong
But i did well at the exam and i was happy becoz of my self confidence
One of many situation while i am in college :grin::grin::grin:


So they corrected your test and you got a good score? That was cleverly tricky of them to have so many be false.

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Yes i got very good
Thats directly before excellent

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Way to go! I enjoyed college:)

I was really bad at true and false questions. I preferred multiple choices or short essays. It’s so good that you did well on your test! Congratulations :open_mouth::+1:

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