One dollar for each vision?

I demand one dollar for each vision that I see, and another dollar for each time that I hear a voice. I didn’t agree to having a dad and a best friend that install and cause schizophrenia on purpose, because they are dumber than monkeys. Intelligent people are never wasting time that way.

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Schizophrenia isnt contagious and cant be caused in others. Its mostly genetics and some environmental factors like stress, ptsd, etc. Street drugs can worsen it.


The police told me that, in this instance, dumb idiots really are breaking the law by forcing me to see visions on purpose. I was told that filing another police report could stop them. The police had heard of that happening before.

Of course, not all of the visions are caused by others. When I was delivering pizza, it was common for me to see customers riding in my car. Playing off the schizophrenia was really a challenge back then!

You soubd like you neex yours meds readjusted. None of that is rational thinking

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