One day of psychosis proof its sz?

If i had a day of psychosis due to lack of sleep can that be taken that the original dx of schiz was correct ?

Lack of sleep and anxiety look similar to psychosis .

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im pretty sure though that it was definitely psychosis … but im worried it will get more frequent

If it was psychosis, it would go away with aps. Did you take aps?

no im not aps for the last few months… im on an antidepressant and sleep helped as it wasnt there the next day

Lack of sleep can give me psychosis even on APs. It’s no joke.

I take a lot of meds.

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Lack of sleep gives everyone psychosis, even neurotypicals. But why did you have a lack of sleep?


You had some pretty complex stuff going on, if I remember correctly, @anon80629714.

Thinking there was going to be a proposal and everyone was in on it… Not something to be taken lightly.

Sounds psychosis-y to me, to be honest.

Hope you’re feeling better :sunflower:

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I have a tendency to overthink things and lack of sleep made me lose touch with reality

I take my AP drugs daily only for proper sleep, otherwise I behaves normal with few residual symptoms of SZ.

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one day of psychosis isn’t enough to diagnose as schiz. it has to last for at least six months to be schiz. one day of psychosis could be brief psychotic disorder, and if it more than a month but less than six, it’s schizophreniform.

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My diagnosis was changed from psychosis to sz after quitting my meds and getting another psychosis within 6 months. Idk how it is in every country but my psychiatrist told me that if I get another psychosis without meds within 6 months of the 1st one its sz.

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