One day in an auto in Miami

Long time ago I lived in my auto in Miami
woke up always early in the morning
to have coffee and some scrambled eggs
after which drove to the campus of one university
to use the library computers, to read morning news
to find out what had happened in the world
only to drive my auto to the beach
to enjoy some sunlight
to listen waves of the Atlantic ocean
until the lunch time to eat something I made
and to plan the evening event
a computer security show in one hotel of Miami
and then waiting and more waiting
until the evening came and then drove to the town
where I changed my clothing to a business suit
yes, in my auto I changed my cloths
after which I drove to the hotel
picked up my show identity card and continued to the show
seeing many new applications, new security cards
and then again waited for some time
to attend the evening meal and drinks offered by the show
met many people and one especially
who came to talk something about dividing some area
and commenting that the CIA recruits people less than 35 years old
and then leaving the event only to drive to Miami Beach
to spend my evening by walking around the town
until the time when I started sleeping again in my auto
as always sleeping until the next morning
and so was one day of my life in my auto in Miami.

This was one actual day of my life 14 years ago. I had lived in my auto in America almost two years before that day. I actually lived in the streets of America over 730 days, over two years before I flew to Europe.