One day I'm sitting in my friends room laughing, listening to Aerosmith, and drinking beer

No worries, no cares, making plans to go to the beach. And then before I knew it, I’m walking the halls of a hospital with screaming, yelling, people of all ages with my brain feeling like mush and wondering what the heck is going on. I’m sure you guys have similar stories.

I was full of ambition to pursue my hobbies to the fullest. Get up in the morning, put as many hours as i could into my hobbies and go to work.

My drinking and mixing it with the painkiller codiene I think was self medicating and part of addiction.

Yeah, one day I was going to a party, the next I was strapped to a bed in a mental hospital. Who knew?

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Yep. One hour I was taking a test on Macroeconomics, the next hour I was being sent to a mental ward in a police car.