One day I may write many philosophy books

I think my thinking is so out of the norm on philosophy but at the same time my thinking isn’t crazy. Just abstract. Just unusual. Just different. But in a way it is very advanced. It is very humane. More humane, less animal than the average human being disposition.

One day it could all come together and I could write philosophy books. Who knows. I philosophize a lot, but it’s my own philosophy…as it should be for anybody.

I read philosophy which influences my knowledge more than my philosophies. My philosophies are something I naturally ponder. Maybe one day I can write philosophy books. Once my thinking comes together. Because I am too young now to act like I have something figured out. I have nothing figured out yet. But one day I can pretend I know some stuff…


Do you write a lot?

Yeah I’ve written two books and I write poetry daily.


do you want to share a poem or something you’ve written?

your favourite philosophers?

Alan Watts and Osho are my 2 favorites.

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My guru …

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I keep hoping to write a book where I can say what I think about a lot of the things going on in the world right now. I don’t know how it would be received, but it would be controversial.

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I am good, but a bit depressive. you?

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Same here man nothing changes…

yes of course. σχιζοφρένεια=schizophrenia

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Cool. I had a Greek friend but sadly he passed away this past March.

schizophrenia, as many other terms, is greek word. split mind

oh I am sorry…

Thanks yeah he did hard drugs it wasn’t good.