One day Good will overcome evil

I believe that evil will be eradicated from the Universe one day. I hope I am still around to witness it. Where did evil come from anyway? It has no place in this Universe. Evil is not welcome & needs to be put to death so we can live in a world of love,peace & happiness. I believe God is trying his hardest to help but keeps coming up against the devil & his evil ways. We all need to pray to restore this Universe…

God is Good…


It is evil to put evil to death. Who is anyone to say evil cannot be redeemed.

He isn’t going to eradicate anything actually.

We’ll all just pay and move on, and no one will ever harm another again.

It’s water, it will become wine.

He isn’t going to destroy the water forever, or punish the water forever, he’s going to change it to wine, the water will not be eradicated.

And i hate to break it to you, but if angels are getting judged, for being evil that is, then so will you, and me for that matter.

People still don’t seem to know who this “son of perdition” is, look in a mirror and you can see him!

Consider the horrendous collective crime going down and you will see it, but no one thinks collectively do they so they would not consider certain things to be criminal at all, but it is.

I do not agree with you. Evil should be put to death as it has caused so much harm & destruction for far too long. It has no place in the Universe. Sickens me what is happening on our beautiful planet & all because of evil. Be gone with evil forever!!!