One, But We're Not The Same

one life with each other, sisters, brothers
one life but we are not the same,
we get to carry each other,
hurry each other,
I want you more than myself, more than politics, more than religion, more family or friends, I want you alone with me, yourself, our community, together. Lost and Found. Druged and Sober. High and Low. Communicating with each other. ONE!


This is one of my favourite songs by U2’s.

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My favorite song from U2 is : October, from the album of the same name sake.

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When I was a kid in about 1983 or '84 I was digging in a trash can at a car wash and found a mix tape. On one side was written ‘October’ and on the other side, was written ‘Ghost in The Machine’. I listened to both sides of the tape when I got home. Instantly, recognized the ‘Ghost in the Machine’ side of the tape as Sting and ‘The Police’ a band I already liked. The ‘October’ side of the tape deeply effected me. It was the first time I heard rock that gave me the same experience as listening to John Williams movie sound tracks, where I would have visions and see. While listening to ‘October’ I knew there were 4 members in the band, though I didn’t know who the band was. I also saw them on stage in a place where I had been in my dreams, in a desert like area, with large boulders. There were two dark haired members and two blond hair members. I saw them in a vision while listening. I could never find out for the longest time who the band was. I played that tape until it wore out.

Then one day about a year or two later, I was at a friends house, he had MTV playing in the background and I heard this band come on, I went to the television set and looked and it was the band I had seen in a vision a year or two earlier and they were playing where I had seen them in the vision, The video was Live At Red Rocks and was 'New Years Day" I turned to my friend excited and said, “Who are these guys, Is it ‘October’?” He said, “No, that’s U2.”


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