One 4th of July in the past

It was the 4th of July 2001 in Miami and I had lived nearly 1.5 years in my auto around America. Then somehow I decided to have a demonstration. I took one larger paper board and wrote on it ‘Join the Communist Party’ and then I placed this on my rear window. On the same day I also got a red sheet and created a red flag. I drove around Miami waving this red flag and had this paper board on my rear window. And then the night came and I made some dinner, rice, sausages etc. in North Miami Beach and one man arrived who was from Columbia and after a while I realized that he was sz and thought that helicopters were after him. So while we ate this dinner a police car also arrived and a police man said that he was checking that we were not stealing this auto, my auto, amusing, after checking that a cat I had in my auto was ok he left. I suppose he did not want to join the Communist Party. And then this Colombian left also and I continued my craziness in North Miami Beach with my red flag and soon an older man in his 80s showed some interest in my behavior and we started chatting. Turned out that he was an old Jewish man who had fought as a partisan in the forests of Poland during the NAZI occupation. He had survived and eventually had migrated to the USA. His story was quite amazing. What the 4th of July it was.


He must have respected you to tell you his story.