Once in a class in college

The teacher told us about the editors at the time calling Virginia Woolf’s, Three Guineas,

“written by an odd mind”

and the teacher was in disdain over the comment,
and I said, Why is that an insult? Some of the greatest

works in literature were written by odd minds.
If they had illness of some kind,

they could use it or be expanded in ways
many pills and normalcy can’t.

It has it’s place in the world. I realize
it doesn’t have a place on this site,

but in the movie, The Soloist, they came around to it.

We are in big pharma times right now,
and this whole website is owned and controlled.

So, yeah, if I do go back to sz.com today after my suspension,
that’s what I want to say to them after permanently banning

my friend Wonderdunk for what they said was promoting delusions in others.
Ridiculous. Everyone is responsible for their own delusions and responses on

the site. Can we have a discussion on this without this getting locked,
removed, banned, suspended, ganging up, insulted personally, discriminated against,
triggered, forced into silence,
or otherwise rejected?

Welcome back daze.

Hi. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, thanks, though, hope you are feeling well tonight/this morning.

I thought your last suspension was over-the-top and I voiced my disapproval. I’m glad you’re finally back in the fold with us. :sunny:

thanks, I only posted this one here because of Wonderdunk, not me.

Wonderdunk is actually an inspiration to me as one of the more motivated posters on this forum.

I want to be that motivated/functional but unfortunately symptoms have stripped me of that ability.

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yeah, well, he’s older, ya know?

You get to that point, where you want to decide.

Yes, he’s very smart.

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