Once I came across a video

where docs and other normies wanted to showcase
what it’s like to hear voices.

I may or may not have listened to that.

I guess they all want to know, and think they know.

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I’ve seen a few videos like that…
And it NEVER sounds like how it sounds to me…

But maybe it’s different for every sz


how ya doing, mama? thanks for replying. I lost my fertility in my late 20’s. idk. hope you’re glowing today, ha.

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I’m alright! Thanks for asking… how are you daze??

Ah that’s a bummer… you had some kids though right?

Hah, nah, no glow to speak of today… I just feel fat and the skin on my face feels dry lol

oh. well, it all goes to the baby.

yeah, in retrospect, all I needed was my twins. good times. oh sh-it yeah, we was poor, but happy.

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Haha… yeah, an old wives tale I heard is if you’re having a girl- she sucks up all your beauty.

Aww… thats sweet. How old were you when you had your twins?

is that right? idk. I carried them at 22, was a truck, had them at 23.

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full term, over 6 pounds each.

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Nah, just an old wives tale🙂

How did you lose your fertility? If you don’t mind me asking…

no idea. but had some unprotected sex in my 30s, and nothing. then in my 40’s, lots of sex, and nothing. well, idk, the men weren’t father types anyway. ha.

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Probably dodged a bullet then

ha, yeah! so true.

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but Phil wants to get me pregnant so I can the Earned Income Tax Credit again.
One year I got 5 thousand!

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Oh wow… I don’t even know what that is

I think I made 23K by working, and in the highest bracket for that money.
are you U.S.?

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Yes I’m in the US!

you’ll get it. they take care of mothers with dependent children. just gotta file, I guess.

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by the way, that was the most money I’ve ever made, 23K.

kinda sad, huh

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Nah, 23k isn’t too bad…

I’ve never had a good earning stable job…

The longest job I had was for a year and I was only working like 20 hours a week at $9 an hour.

yeah? what can you do, the afflictions, and the low wages.

I worked my ass off though, didn’t feel a thing about taking that 5K.

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