On what meds help me and on what not

So… When i landed in the hospital firstly i guess i looked as possessed by my demonic fears. I was livinig in hell. I was aware and rational, but so scared from the others and everything and my mind was so agitated, that i was close to want to hide in the wardrobe. I didnt have many delusions i find. I also never had hallucinations, neither voices. Just my fears, the feeling that i am a bad person etc etc. So the meds helped me to be more relaxed. I got up on my feet. But i am still unhappy. Still having my cognitive issues, my thoughts which i find small ones and stupid ones. Sometimes, i still have my fears to be a bad person or just dumb or just ugly. So i should work on this second part. But yes, the meds just gave me the opportunity to work on myself. I guess there are lucky ones, who are very well relieved by the meds, but i accepted my faith in a wsy. Cause my case is not a typical sz, its too dumb what i have. So basically, i still have lot a work to do in order to be stabilized. I just hope ill feel better faster, cause missed too many years already. Cause in my illness, i was the kind that i could sleep for 16 hours straight. No life, no spark. I say its strange. The docs always think that if you sleep well, you are fine. But no, my life was just stollen. And i should vivid myself now lol :blush:
Plus i think its a good thing for me to stop switching meds. They dont work on me for everything. Two of my docs agreed with me.

I don’t know how to respond. Are you feeling ok now?

Its ok. Not ultra fine, but ok, thanks :grinning: i still have the rage sometimes, that i am the only one who lived as an ermit by this illness for a whole life. This is a hard feeling. But ill ignore it, maybe its better to chase it from my head.

But could i have avoided the meds in my case in your opinion? Just for fears and for feeling lower than anything and everybody? Hmm… and probably to have gone retarded :disappointed_relieved:

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