On the way back

So do you travel this road a lot . I find as you get old the less you have this illness.


It’s a bumpy road with ups and downs …

In my opinion as I got older my illness got worse, maybe it is just me and the way my mind is.

I’ve heard that before, some people start to stabilize better as they age.

I hope it’s true. I hope you got some relief

I’ve gotten worse with age

My cognition has gotten worse over time.
So has my negative symptoms.

I started getting better in my mid forties. At age 19 my first 2 1/2 years of psychosis ala schizophrenia was hell on earth. After that initial psychosis it stabilized but I still had strong symptoms. But in my mid forties my symptoms started getting less intense and now at age 58 I rarely have “episodes”, my symptoms take a backseat to whatever is happening in my life and I have peace of mind, calmness, and everything slows down often.

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Amazing, I’m glad to hear. Gives me hope that I’ve passed the worst of it

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Mine has currently gotten worse.

I feel like I’m aging at an alarming rate. My brain is scrambled. Getting off lithium has helped but I still feel like as i age the worse things get.

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