On the road again

To quitting smoking, well, reducing the dosage of nicotine slowly which I’ve been successful at so far.

Went from 50mg to 20mg to 12mg and finally at 6mg with the Step 1 patch.

Lemme tell you, the bouts of depression are insane. For me especially at this timing now since my injection is next week and I’m just patiently waiting for it. Thank G-d I have a few Lorazepam lying around.

Also going on Zopiclone soon, actually today, going to pick it up soon from the Pharmacy.

Anyways, hope U guys are doing good. Sending good vibes like always.



Best of luck with the quitting.


I stopped smoking, but I put on two 21 mg patches. It took maybe six weeks, but I got down to zero. It is really great to be a nonsmoker!


Yay, you can do it!! :raised_hands: You’re doing great, already!

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i hope you manage to quit fully soon =)
i should do the same but i like smoking… hehe…

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