On suicide

Do you ever realize that when you’re thinking/plotting to kill yourself your voices will say things to hault your thinking process. Even if it’s just “he really will”. Obviously they want us around for a reason and I refuse to give them any more fuel. Thoughts?

That hasn’t been my experience. They’ve all wanted me to kill myself. The last prominent voice left is my companion angel. He used to be horribly abusive and encourage me to hurt and ultimately kill myself. Our relationship is different now and I rarely hurt myself anymore, but he’s just been “tamed”, so to speak. He would still tell me to hurt/kill myself if I let him.


Only one bad voice, Louisa, wants me dead.
She says it’s the only way to meet the voices face to face

The voices are made by your brain. They are not the same voices other people hear, and they don’t have a common agenda.

Lol. Okay, man 171717171