On stable meds - but do you ever feel under medicated?

Right now I feel tweaked and in need of medication. But my meds aren’t for 3 hours. Hard to describe. Just feels like I need more meds if that makes sense.


I would wait till its time.

That way it wont mess up the schedule.

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Gonna try going back to tea from coffee.


ohhh… yes… I did not think of the little things we do which might make us feel a bit odd.

I had to consider this too lately.

I am/was having break through auditory hallucinations a lot, but only the last couple of months or so.

It finally dawned on me: “I smoke too many cigarettes!”

Nicotine raises blood pressure and is a stimulant (like coffee).

I kept wondering why it was happening more than usual.

You might be on the right track. try your idea and see.

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Yeah I worry my nicotine from vaping may contribute too.

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My doctor said cigarettes reduce effectiveness of meds. Same with soda. I feel overmedicated. Very sleepy.

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For me, excess nicotine, was absolutely a factor…

I dont use a vape, but i hear there are different levels of nicotine in the cartridges?

I wonder if ordering an extra low dose cartridge might help???

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I am wondering that too. Is easy to over do it on the vape. Would love to give it up completely tbh.


That is a part of why i kind of never really knew how to feel about maybe purchasing a vape.

I was considering buying one long ago. I went to a vape shop because i knew nothing about them.

I had a bad experience there.

The guy laughed at me because I asked if there is one with a timer on it.

Then I asked if there was a model with something like a dial that lets us chose the dose.

More laughing. My son said i was over sensitive about it.

He thinks I should try again to find one I want. and that it was a long time ago.

I guess i could just get my own separate timer so I dont accidently over do it.

What are your thoughts on this? is my ideas of a dial or timer really that off base??

it is ok to be honest on this with me. I wont get mad.

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You can get some which count how many breathes you take. Plus you can adjust the voltage on them to change the volume of vapour produced.

Wow. they really have come a long way since i last looked.

ok. So then maybe not a classic dial or timer, but there is adjustment or monoriting of dosage of some kind.

I would still go for lowest dose though.

I know myself too well when it comes to that. I always get carried away with smoking.

Then i have to cut back by putting only 10 cigarettes in my box-pack for the day.

(which is a pain until i get used to having only 10 per day again.)

Strange. Now i feel motivated (but mostly curious) to see if i can do only 9 a day.

I wonder if i would miss it? or maybe i will re-consider using a vape?

Now i want to go look at vape

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caffiene sometimes makes me tired :confused: cant explain it


Too much alcohol makes me sick the next day and it’s muddies my thoughts. Never noticed anything different with smokes, I actually thought when I wasn’t smoking I was worse because I didn’t have the relaxation crutch anymore. Don’t know.

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No. If anything, I am overmedicated. But, I don’t think so. I think I am on just the right meds now.


I kinda feel that way. My mood symptoms aren’t really being addressed Even though I’m stable in terms of paranoia and hallucinations

GL everyone’s body is different. Personally I don’t drink, smoke or do anything to make my condition worse. Sometimes no coffee if feel anxious. I just hate being sickly