On my way back from hell, i was stop by the

my life…I had just got back from the Dr’s office, give me bad news about my hip bones, and there was a ambulance at my son’s house. the police would not let me in, after drive to the hospital, and weighting for my son at the er, they took him to the mental behavior floor. 24 hours later I got in to see him, and got him out just to take him to another er, and get the botch job that other place did to him. now day 5. I’m taking care of him at my house, tell he feels safe to go home. that’s what happened.


Wow, I’m sorry. That’s awful that they weren’t helpful. Hopefully he’s feeling better soon.

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I hope he feels better soon. It’s not fun feeling that way.

You’re a good dad Dr Zen. I hope your son starts feeling better soon.

Did your doctor have any suggested treatment options for your hip issue?

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I have Osteonecrosis, after the mris on my back with miner damage , the did a mri on my hip and knees . 1 to 5 years before I need hip replace ment .

Oh I am so sorry to hear that @TheGreatestDrZen I will call soon.

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Wow, when life sucks it sucks hard. Hope things get better for the both of you.

Oh, that’s too bad DrZen. Hip replacement surgery is pretty routine these days so try not to worry too much.

Sounds like a bad few days DrZen. You did a good job coming through it though.

Good prayers for you and your son.


I hope your son feels better soon. That is awful!

I was just at the ER and Psych Ward tonight and yesterday. I went as support for my Gal’s daughter. Actually, a couple times I was able to be helpful.


@TheGreatestDrZen, that’s literally my two worst nightmares. I’ve been in terrible pain in mostly one hip for about 6 months now. I’m afraid to go to the doctor. And, most especially I fear getting a call regarding my son, that he’s had a break.
My heart goes out to you and your son. You’re so strong and you seem to be handling things amazingly well. God bless you and your son with healing and some peace of mind. :heart: