ON MENTAL ILLNESS: Proactively Treating Psychosis

An interesting editorial from a guy who has had schizophrenia for over 30 years, in Berkeley California.

In recent years, according to one medical doctor, the philosophy of treatment of Type 2 Diabetes has evolved. This doctor said that it is better to treat this illness more aggressively, in order to minimize damage to the body. Schizophrenia, in analogous fashion, can also be treated more aggressively–keeping symptoms at a minimum. (This is a completely different issue from the known fact that many psychiatric drugs cause obesity and Type II Diabetes.)

If someone suffers from schizophrenia, they may benefit from getting the maximum medication they can tolerate, but not to the point of too many or too severe side effects. This increases the person’s chances of developing necessary insight into their condition. It may also cause the brain to be healthier, since psychosis apparently is bad for the brain.

I have been taking these medications for well over thirty years. Medication hasn’t ruined my life.

I can’t handle as much activity as I once could. I can’t handle driving in San Francisco. I can not handle a full-time job. Certain things that entail high energy, quick reflexes, multitasking, and stress, I can not deal with. I don’t know how much of these limitations are caused by meds, versus how much of this impairment is either caused by my disease or perhaps by premature aging of my brain.

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I would be grateful just to be at such a point. I’m feeling so worn down and almost numb

Dont despair holly. It took me a year to get out of denial. Sometimes it can take longer. But Im sure eventually it comes.


everybody is different

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I hope so. I really hope so.

How long has it been?

His first hospitalization happened in April. The symptoms began showing several months prior. There have been three hospitalizations, and currently he is has a court ordered injection due, but the authorities are unable to locate him. He hates needles and he hates AP’s. He is so confused and angry.

Oh I remember now. Im sorry. Its a tough situation. I really hope for the best.


I don’t know about taking high doses of anti-psychotic medication, particularly the typicals. If they were going to put me on a typical again I would just choose to live on the street and be psychotic. The atypicals don’t have as unpleasant side effects as the typicals, but one thing they do is mess up my body temperature regulation mechanisms. If it wasn’t for that I could work outside digging ditches. I wouldn’t mind it.

I feel very fortunate to have found the antipsychotic I’m currently on. (prolixin. generic fluphenazine) I have no noticeable side effects and I am completely stable.

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