On Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine, Chlorine... The Halogen family... and you negative and positive symptoms

I was talking with the guys in the department of psychiatry in the university. We are talking about our observations on the effects of antipsychotic, particularly on our observation that AP brings about negative symptoms, something really difficult to say if they are side effects, and the drugs withdrawal effects. They say they wish to know more about someone going off med.

I was reading some posts and am impressed that some of you are really educated about the history and effects of antipsychotics, including their potential to induce positive symptoms. I am aware that you do look forward to see what would help if some one is off med for a considerable time.

These are some of the reasons I’m writing this post. I want to provide my input as they have reference value to you. I have been off med for a year. I don’t have negative symptoms and positive symptoms for a considerable time.

Many of your ponders are in my mind. I really care about you. I wish you could find something that helps you. I know it is hard to believe, but nutrients are contributing to our emotional disorder and schizophrenia, plus other cognitive and physical symptoms.

If you want to prove me wrong, keep on reading.

I’m taking on iodine as a supplement for a few days and I am well informed that it will displace toxic halogens such as fluorine and bromine quickly. A speedy excretion of bromine (among others) actually makes u uncomfortable as they would be drawn out from the body’s storage into blood stream. This problems has been mistaken for iodism for some years. They are now accepted by people who knows about halogen as detoxification of bromine. (you will find some information here. the breast cancer choice is educating people on iodine (http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/iodineinvestigation.html) There is a list about what might happen to you if you get the toxic halogen passing in your blood streams, actually that is a must read.

I want to tell u about my observations. They are really important.

I have been taking notes and reviewing my symptoms on a daily basis. On the first three days of my iodine supplementation, I immediately find I can talk and listen again. I happen to be receiving a cognitive assessment at abt 2 weeks interval. I find my verbal memory on a few test walks from like 10% to 90%! They are the easiest no brainier type only people with brain injury would not be able to get 100%! Before taking iodine, I cannot understand a simple sentence when the tester talked to me. I blind guess.

So, iodine is reversing my cognitive impairments. I can think clearly and intelligently in just three days!

The other things is, on my detoxification of bromine (and other halogens), I found myself having a lot of the symptoms coming back yesterday - this is the time when I expect my body to dig up the bromine/fluorine/chlorine storage and replace them with iodine.

They include - odd headaches, inactive vegetable like sitting (my mind is blank and I don’t feel anything) for hours with inertia to move or anything, memory problems, attention problems, can’t think straight, very itchy skins, a little body smell, odd physical sensation, tingling, like tactile hallucinations, twitches, severe insomina, (actually I find it impossible to sleep), lack of appetite and lack of response. I want to ask my mom if I can stay at home and skip our meal time, for the first time in a year. I am like a vegetable for an afternoon. That is just the portrait of a psychiatric patient.

I have all these every day while on med. I was fully medicated for 2 and a half years. Then I realized I forgot to take my vitamin C and unrefined salts to aid the process yesterday, as I can be actively engage in social activities for the past week and manage much more daily activity now. They help with detoxification of the halogens. I am getting much better having done that again last night. To me, they are the negative symptoms and loads of physical symptoms, which I have never experienced any of them any single day in my life prior to taking on med.

A lot of them are the negative symptoms and other symptoms, if not positive, referred to by the psychiatrists.

Odd enough, u know where we get the bromine, fluorine and chlorine from? Food and water. Not only. Our governments required that they be added to our food and water. And they are in our drugs, bromine, fluorine and chlorine are used in antipsychotics. U will find a book called “iodine crisis”, talking abt a loads of cases people get back their health after receiving iodine supplements. They question why the governments add poisons to our food to keep us stupid, sick, obese and have emotional problems. Use of these halogen in our food and soft drinks and household products displace the precious iodine.

As detoxing myself from these halogens gave me a hard time, I decide to read on what they are.

Then I found bromine toxifications (I skipped the others) are well documented. And they induce hallucinations and schizophrenia! It is a known cause for schizophrenia and psychotic experience.

So they are feeding people with psychotic experience a toxic that induce hallucinations and schizophrenia. It is not that difficult to read and locate the resources. I wish u could read all of the links and seriously consider what is in your drugs and what you would do with your health. They will make u sicker. Actually there are treatment plan you have not tried yet and I wish you could read on.

There are movements about people treating themselves with iodine and natural dessicated thyroid in the last decade. It works like magic. The us government respond by revising the law and taking down the natural products. They are >100 years old company who sold natural thyroids with demonstrated effects for a long time.

Actually, I learn that in the history of medicine and there has been a long time iodine is the only medicine used by physician. It does a job job and deserves that role. And then the government and physicians now portray this as an evil poison (the opposite to the truth) and set a close to zero amount of RDA.

I really want u to read.

You will find out depletion of iodine and brominization is a know cause of ADHD.

This phenomenon also contribute to a lot of physical disease you will like to count how many is happening to you, how many is on the list you worry you will catch this one day.

All my life I don’t have attention problems or any other kind of cognitive impairments.  I have been dealing with all kinds of severe cognitive deficits in myself in the past year. They are the one we observed in people with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disability etc. I work for people with different kind of brain disorders for many years so I know them. I have often considered food and nutrients are something causing them. What I don’t know in the past is, they can be induced when you are an adult. AND, they are reversible.

You will find out our soil is actually very depleted of the minerals we need, something you learn in your history and geography class. Nutritional deficiency is not something that only happens in the third world.

Read all of the links if you can. They are easy read.



Everything by Dr David Brownstein

Dr Guy Abraham’s articles on his site:

Also, Dr Mark Sircus

I’m not saying take off your med now and order a bunch of supplements.

I’m saying, get yourself educated, and think.

Really good stuff there… I’ve known a lot of that for some time.

Try to buy organic or local grown, or grow your own if you can. City water has a bunch of toxins in it. Spring water or most well water is much safer. there are also water purification and filtration systems…I used to have one when i lived in a city.

Processed foods like balogna and hot dogs, along with all the “junk food” is the worst. Try to get meats that say they do not have antibiotics in them, and are fresh strait meat, without all the added garbage. Get wild caught fish, especially Alaska salmon, not farmed fish.

Good you bring up the soil depletion. I just had that discussion with a friend recently. I make my own soil. When I started composting here I would study what organic matter provided what minerals, what made a soil more acidic or alkaline, because i have to use both on different parts of the land.
I have purchased thousands of pounds of organic topsoil, humus, and manure which I mix with the existing soil on the property and the compost I make.

You know, I was nominated by my case worker to participate in a few research studies, as I’m doing much better than their other patients.

Bromine, fluorine, chlorine are in your swimming pool, detergents, a lot of common chemicals like fire retardant, bread, flour, soft drinks, food, drugs, etc. They are in your car seat. A lot of plastics. You will find an article in a link, a woman caught severe problems after buying a new car. She finds out its bromine in the car. Your fake leather seat.

I use water filter too. But that is not enough.

Don’t have a swimming pool and avoid them usually, going to natural areas to swim. Except when i used to go to Florida because everywhere has pools…
My car has real leather seats and I’m not even driving it now.
I realize some stuff i buy is going to have it regardless…can’t escape it all…but the natural supplements that balance the bodies system quite well will offset the damage IF your intake of the toxins is lower than the average persons.

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