? on in home health care employee,and maid?

I’am at that age were i’m thinking of get one or both, dose anyone have one?

I think about this all the time for my son. Cant afford it, but if you can-its a great idea!

I got a letter saying I could have one. Maybe I misread it.

If you are in the US, google:
adult protective services
followed by the name of your county, and then a telephone number should pop up.

I worked in that capacity a couple of times. One guy was a shut in without physical disability but nice one to work with, nothing fresh, just jokey and professional enough. He wanted me to clean up the glass good because of his big dog’s nose prints on stuff. Lovely doggy, I had to give it a kiss and hug for the interview when it jumped up and put her paws on my shoulders. Very big doggy but very nicely behaved, like the owner. Did his house cleaning and shopping.

Did senior care for neighbor at time, but unable to handle the cleaning at time due to my own health. But served as on-call, shopper and doctor transport.

Craigslist has a lot of these job ads if you are private pay. Otherwise, senior services department at your county offices or independent living resource centers can get you in contact with cleaning and ADL assistance with lower cost as our out-of-pocket pay be paid if grants are available.