On hard work

What do you think about hard work?
I can’t bring myself to enjoy it, having experienced schizophrenia and having to take medications I would rather not work it is too difficult really

Moved to School and Work

It depends on what type of work it is. When I was in high school I used to work hauling hay in the summer. Back then the hay bales weighed 67 lbs a piece, and it was our job to stack them on the back of a truck and then stack them in a barn. It was hot, dirty work, but I liked it. I’m well suited for that kind of work. One type of hard work I don’t like is working in fast food. I’m just not suited for that kind of work at all.

I work hard everyday, move heavy stuff and ton’s of it, I enjoy it, but would rather retire now, been doing it for 20 years