On depression, but it's interesting since it's about dopamine

Option generation is critical in decision making. Ang et al. show that people with major depressive disorder generate fewer, but more unique, options vs healthy controls. Modafinil reduces the creativity of options generated by healthy individuals.

(Modafinil elevated dopamine levels in the brain)

A multi-pronged investigation of option generation using depression, PET and modafinil

Option generation is a critical process in decision making, but previous studies have largely focused on choices between options given by a researcher. Consequently, how we self-generate options for behaviour remain poorly understood. Here, we investigated option generation in major depressive disorder and how dopamine might modulate this process, as well as the effects of modafinil (a putative cognitive enhancer) on option generation in healthy individuals.

Of course, the devil is in the details, and some lab measurement cannot fully reflect the generation of options in life, and their creativity, but it’s interesting.

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A previous pdoc suggested to me modafinil against negatives. I refused. Currently I take Wellbutrin and am very happy with it.