On Clozapine, might add Abilify


I’m on 400 mg of clozapine daily. I suffer from hearing voices, thought broadcast, and OCD intrusive thoughts. My doctor wants to put me on Abilify to help with the OCD (since clozapine is not eliminating the voices), so I can regain control of my thoughts and probably lift my mood a bit. I wish the meds would stop the voices though, because treating the OCD seems like a roundabout solution instead of attacking the source.

I’m scared to try Abilify as I’ve experienced terrible akathisia on several other meds. As well, I’ve heard that very few anti depressants don’t cause sexual side effects, and those that don’t, will not create the proper interactions my doctor wants to create.

So my question is, is anyone else on Abilify to treat OCD intrusive thoughts?
What has your experience been like, and do you have sexual side effects?

I have OCD and I get a lot of intrusive thoughts, I am currently on Risperdal. When I was on Abilify I had bad experiences with it, but these drugs are very personal when it comes to side effects and how well they work or dont work. I did experience a lot of akathisia on Abilify, especially in the start of taking it - Abilify is well known for this.
It does not happen to everyone, you might get lucky. Come to think of it I did not experience a lot of intrusive thoughts on Abilify, and it is a good antidepressant type med - good luck with it ( many people are doing well with Abilify)


I’m on 30mg aripiprazole(abilify) and I have no sexual side effect ( even my sexual function and urge is better) and it works well for me( it makes me think clearly).

Has the abilify helped your intrusive thoughts?

Has the abilify helped your intrusive thoughts?