On Being Ignored All The Time

Don’t Worry About It ,

Thine Creator Of Our Expanding Universe Is Making Sure You Gonna Be Healthy Enough For A Brand ,

A Brand New Family Within A Beautiful Creator Garden Filled With Stupid Bees ,

Jus Walk Away ,

Don’t Evn Spray ,

They Dumb N E Wayze …!!..

(((Miss You aYlias)))

What is this aYlias?

“goes Where” (???)

Jus Kidding ,

I AM schizophrenic ,

N E Hoo ,

Tis Personal ,

But Thank You For Asking …

“Goes where??”


Interesting ,

" Kill Me Sarah , Kill Me Again , With Love … "

Does Tha Mean Sarad Well ,

Damn That’s Fukkin Sad As ■■■■ …

When was the last time you saw your pdoc?

Dude Chill ,

I Was Just Joking Around ,

People Have Always Complained About My Sense Of Humor ,

One That I Really Always Liked Was This One ,


You Probs Won’t Get It ,

But If You Do I’m Sure You Would Understand My Fun Weird Sense Of Humor ,

and Don’t Worry ,

I Get An Injection On Friday ,

Gonna Letcha Know How It Goes !! ,

Have A Great Safe Peaceful Night “dreamscape” …